Back to Basics: The Activities Every Recruiter Needs To Be Doing

Are you ready to rediscover the core of our roles as recruiters? Watch this one hour workshop "Back to Basics: The Activities Every Recruiter Needs To Be Doing".

Key Topics:

Reconnect with the Fundamentals: It’s easy to get lost in complexities and new tech/ways of doing things. This session takes you back to the roots, reinforcing the foundational activities that stand the test of time.

Modern Strategies for Today’s Recruiter: Learn how traditional methods merge with modern-day tactics to create a powerful strategy. This session is all about blending time-tested approaches with innovative practices.

Boost Your Efficiency and Effectiveness: We’ll delve into techniques that not only streamline your recruitment process but also heighten its effectiveness. Walk away with practical tools and strategies that you can implement immediately.

Master the Art of Tracking & Evaluating: Understanding what works and what doesn’t is crucial. This workshop will guide you through efficient tracking methods and evaluation criteria to ensure your recruitment activities yield maximum results.