Building Genuine Confidence for Effective BD Calls

Join one of our 1.5 hour in-person interactive workshops for members!


Building Genuine Confidence for Effective BD Calls

Join one of our upcoming In-Person Workshops for our member Community!

In this 1.5 hour in-person workshop we will cover:

  • Identifying Pain Points: Workshop the specific pain points for your target clients.
  • Client Choices: Uncover reasons why clients choose you and your agency.
  • Defining USPs: Identify and tailor your unique selling propositions based on client needs.
  • Cultivating Confidence: Learn how to cultivate genuine, inner confidence and effectively convey your USPs in sales call/interaction.
  • Creating a BD Plan: Develop a practical business development plan for the next 3 months.

You’ll walk away with:
A clear understanding of the key pain points your clients face, a well-defined list of USPs that address these pain points, and the ability to clearly articulate these in effective BD calls.

Who Should Attend:
This workshop is designed for experienced consultants who are already engaged in business development. It is not suited for junior consultants. Be prepared to share, collaborate, and step out of your comfort zone as we work together to enhance your BD skills!

Date: Weds 14th August at 11am
Duration: 1.5 Hour
Location: The Commons, Level 4/54 Wellington St, Collingwood VIC 3066

Join Melbourne Session – Weds 14th August @ 11 am

Date: Weds 21st August at 11am
Duration: 1.5 Hours
Location: The Commons, 388 George St, Sydney NSW 2000

Join Sydney Session – Weds 21st August @ 11 am


Remote Attendance: 

If you are outside of Melbourne or Sydney and would like to attend one of these workshops remotely, please email Lucy ( stating which date suits best and we will then send through a calendar invite with a zoom link to join one of the live sessions.