LinkedIn Recruiter - Market Mapping With Saved Searches

This session focuses on utilising LinkedIn Recruiter's Saved Searches feature for effective market mapping, a crucial skill for recruiters looking to identify talent trends and opportunities in specific industries or job markets.

Key Topics:

Introduction to LinkedIn Recruiter: Overview of LinkedIn Recruiter and its features beneficial for recruiters.

Creating Saved Searches: Step-by-step guide on setting up and customising saved searches to track potential candidates & prospects.

Market Mapping Fundamentals: Understanding market mapping and its significance in recruitment.

Utilising Search Filters: Effective use of LinkedIn’s advanced search filters for precise market mapping.

Analysing Search Results: Techniques for analysing search results to gain insights into talent pools, industry trends, and competitor activities.

Continuous Monitoring and Updates: Strategies for regularly updating and monitoring saved searches to stay current with market changes.

Integrating with Recruitment Strategy: Tips on integrating market mapping insights into broader recruitment strategies.

Marketing Mapping Video

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Saved Search Cheat Sheet

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