Retained Search (2 Part Series)

This session is tailored for teams looking to transition from contingency to retained search models. It focuses on understanding the retained search process, its benefits, and how to effectively implement it in their recruitment practice.

Key Topics:

Understanding Retained Search: Comprehensive overview of what retained search entails and how it differs from contingency recruitment.

Building the Business Case: Strategies for demonstrating the value of retained search to clients and candidates.

Client Engagement: Techniques for engaging clients in a retained search model, including setting expectations and managing relationships.

Pricing Models: Guidance on developing effective pricing strategies for retained search services.

Service Delivery: Best practices for delivering high-quality services under a retained search model.

Transition Challenges: Identifying and overcoming common challenges associated with transitioning to a retained search model.

Success Metrics* Establishing key performance indicators to measure the success of the retained search approach.

Retained Search Video 1

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Retained Search Video 2

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Moving to Retained Cheat Sheet

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