May Workshop: Building A Sustainable Pipeline


Wednesday 29th May 2024 @ 11am AEST


Workshop Highlights:

The Process-Driven Approach: Learn the importance of a structured approach to recruitment that ensures consistent activity and output, regardless of market changes.

Balancing Acts: We’ll teach you how to balance client acquisition, candidate sourcing, and process management to avoid the common highs and lows of recruitment cycles.

Creating a Reliable Pipeline: Get insights into building a robust pipeline that provides a constant stream of candidates and clients, ensuring regular monthly billings.

Strategy and Forecasting: Develop skills in strategic planning and forecasting to anticipate needs and manage resources effectively.

Tools and Techniques: Discover the latest tools and techniques to streamline your recruitment process and keep your pipeline flowing smoothly.


Who Should Attend?

This session is ideal for agency recruiters at any level who are looking to develop a more consistent and predictable billing pattern. It’s particularly beneficial for those who have experienced the ‘feast or famine’ cycle and are searching for strategies to stabilise their performance. By focusing on process and consistency, this workshop will guide you towards sustainable success in recruitment.


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