How to handle objections Part 2

Welcome to Part 2 of objection handling! In this ep, Lucy puts Ez on the spot and fires some common objections and watches him go!! We dive deep into the world of objection handling in recruitment. Join us as we explore essential strategies and techniques to overcome client concerns with confidence and finesse.


Questions Covered:

  • Why is objection handling important in the recruitment process?
  • What are common objections recruiters face, and how can we address them effectively?
  • How does acknowledging objections help in building rapport with clients?
  • What role does curiosity play in navigating objections?
  • Can you share some real-life scenarios of objection handling and how they were resolved?
  • How can recruiters stay authentic and empathetic while addressing objections?
  • What are some tips for handling objections gracefully during client interactions?
  • How can recruiters continuously improve their objection handling skills?

Tune in to discover practical insights and expert advice to enhance your objection handling skills in recruitment!


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