Marketing Plan Prep Guide

Creating a plan that resonates with your target audience, outshines competitors, and aligns with your budget is crucial for success. This handout is designed to guide you through the essential questions to consider when crafting a marketing plan. By addressing these key areas, you’ll lay a solid foundation for a strategy that not only reaches but also exceeds your goals.


Understanding Your Target Audience

Who are they, and what are their primary needs and challenges?
What are their preferences and behaviours?
How can we tailor our marketing efforts to address their pain points effectively?

Evaluate Current Marketing Efforts

What marketing initiatives are currently in place, and what steps have been taken?
Detail ongoing campaigns, social media presence, content creation processes, and any paid advertising strategies.
How can we build upon these efforts and identify areas for improvement?

Planning Future Marketing Initiatives

Outline planned marketing activities, including events, social media campaigns, and email marketing strategies.
What are the steps necessary to execute these plans effectively?

Conducting a Competitive Analysis

Identify key competitors and their marketing strategies.
How do we differentiate ourselves, and what opportunities exist to gain a competitive edge?

Setting a Budget

Provide an overview of current marketing expenditures and future budget estimates.
How can we align our marketing strategies with our financial resources?

Branding Assets

Do we have established branding guidelines (e.g., typography, imagery, video templates)?
How can these assets be leveraged or expanded upon in our marketing plan?

Utilising Technology

Detail the marketing tools and platforms currently in use.
What are the key performance metrics, and how can we optimise these tools for better results?

Aligning with Sales Processes

Describe how marketing efforts contribute to lead generation and conversion processes.
How can marketing and sales be better aligned to achieve common goals?

Defining Success Metrics

What are the key performance indicators that matter most to our strategy?
How will these metrics guide our marketing decisions and strategy adjustments?


By thoughtfully answering each of these questions, you’ll be well on your way to developing a marketing plan that not only meets but exceeds your strategic goals.

These questions serve as a roadmap to ensure that every aspect of your marketing efforts is purposeful, targeted, and aligned with your overall business objectives.




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