The World’s Best Divorce

This week is a bittersweet week for us at HUME! Laura announces her decision to step away from Hume, the training business she co-founded with Ez Khan. Worry not though, folks, Hume has got big plans for 2024 and will continue to service the rec industry, business as usual, with the help of Lucy, our fabulous Director.

In this ep, it gets a bit emotional! Ez & Laura chat through the business genesis and evolution. From running a one-off course to growing the Hume business that now works with over 300 Agencies on paid training courses across Aus & NZ.

They chat through their philosophy on business partnership, essentially the huge amount of mutual respect and alignment with personal values as key to their successful partnership.

Personal Changes and Business Impact: Laura’s decision to leave is driven by the changes in her life, including becoming a mother and her desire to focus on private coaching. The conversation also touches on the challenges of parenthood and its impact on professional life.

Heres to you Laura! Thanks for all that you’ve done for Hume Scope. We’ll do you proud by taking Hume and helping more agencies & recruiters than ever 😉

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