Challenging the status quo of traditional and stale recruitment practices

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About Hume Scope

We’ve combined our 25 years of experience to create a range of innovative and modern training courses for recruiters.



Combining 25 years of industry experience, we bring a wealth of recruitment knowledge to our training programs!

Ez Khan

Managing Director
Ez has a proven track record in building and scaling recruitment agencies, as well as pioneering recruitment methodologies. Prior to starting his own businesses, he served as COO of a national recruitment agency and successfully expanded the team from 20 to 50 employees.

With over 200 agencies under his advisory belt, Ez brings extensive recruitment business knowledge, marketing expertise, and operational insights to the agencies we work with. Ez is also a hands on retained search recruiter who transformed his business, Spencer Lane, into one of Australia's most recognised recruitment agencies. His business model is marketing-driven, leading to a fully retained clientele and a waitlist for new clients. He champions innovation and technology, using these to improve recruiters' efficiency and job satisfaction.
Ez is also the co founder of KB Financial Consulting, a business specialising in tailored financial advisory for recruitment agencies, as well as an investor in a few other recruitment focussed businesses.

Lucy Whale

Meet Lucy, Director at Hume Scope and your dedicated Learning and Development Partner. With over a decade (and counting) of experience in agency recruitment across New Zealand, UK, and Australia, Lucy's career journey has been marked by successfully managing teams, driving success in diverse markets, and refining her skills as a leader.

Her commitment to growth and innovation led her to co-create the Hume Scope Membership; a true partnership with SME Recruitment Agencies dedicated to elevating their teams at every stage of the business journey.

As your L&D Partner, Lucy draws from her 10 years of industry expertise to ensure that the Membership is not just a training service but a tailored, impactful experience. Her collaborative approach extends beyond traditional account management, involving her closely in course co-hosting, client exploration, and strategic initiatives with Managing Director Ez.

Johnny Thomson

Relationship Manager
Meet Johnny, our Relationship Manager! Johnny joined Hume Scope with a wealth of recruitment experience across the civil, commercial, and residential sectors. His proven track record in fostering strong client and candidate relationships makes him an invaluable asset to our team and our clients.

Recruitment Savvy: With years of front-line recruitment experience, Johnny has a deep understanding of the industry’s needs and nuances. He's also has demonstrated success in leading recruitment teams, ensuring they deliver exceptional service and results. Priding himself on a client-first philosophy he aligns perfectly with Hume Scope’s mission to deliver education that transforms. As your Relationship Manager, Johnny is dedicated to enhancing your Hume Scope experience with his recruitment expertise and unwavering support.

Ani Sharma

Customer Success Coordinator
Meet Ani, our Customer Success Coordinator. With her infectious enthusiasm and a natural flair for structure & administration, Ani is dedicated to ensuring that every client's journey with us is not just successful, but also seamless, from smooth onboarding to ongoing check-ins with our members.

Ani juggles her professional responsibilities with the same dexterity she manages her lively household of three young boys. She’s a supermom who brings the lessons of patience, organisation, and unconditional support from her home to her work.

Mark Jabagat

Marketing Specialist
Mark is the brains behind our creative identity. With a passion for pixels, an eye for aesthetics, and a mind that's always three steps ahead in the digital dance, Mark is our secret sauce for making the brand pop.

The Hume Scope Story

In early 2020, we joined forces to run a 'one time course' teaching Recruiters how to adopt modern Business Development practices, and it sold out in 24 hours.

So we ran it again… and again… and then thought it was probably time to make things official. In December 2020, Hume Scope was born. Over the past few years, we have had the pleasure to work with Australia’s leading boutique recruitment agencies providing training, advisory and free resources to support recruiters at every stage of their career.

We share a desire to constantly challenge the status quo of traditional and stale recruitment practices. We love the wonderful and slightly crazy world of agency recruitment, and it’s our mission to make you love it too! To date, we have trained over 1000 recruitment professionals on paid courses across Australia and NZ!

We operate based on the following


We challenge the dog eat dog culture in recruitment and look to build a community of like minded recruiters who want to succeed


Whether you work with us via our paid courses or devour our free resources, our focus is always on providing value


There is no point delivering training that can't be implemented. We thrive on providing training that actually creates long lasting change
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