Asked Questions

Why should I choose Hume Scope?
We believe that our 25 years of industry experience and the fact that we still recruit today sets us apart from other Recruitment Trainers. This combined with our own constant learning and upskilling allows us to deliver training that is relevant, innovative and suitable to the challenges Recruiters find themselves in today.
Are all your courses delivered online?
Yes! All our courses are delivered live online via Zoom, meaning you can attend from anywhere in the world! We can also record individual sessions for you to watch back if for any reason you can't attend a particular session/week of the program you are in.
Can I pick and choose which sessions I attend?
No, our courses are designed to be completed from start to finish, with practical exercises and application along the way., as well as the opportunity to get to know your fellow course attendees.
Can Hume Scope run personalised sessions for my office?
Not at this time unfortunately- our training courses are designed so we can create a community of Recruiters across the country, who come together and learn in a fun, practical and hands on way. We are super passionate about the courses we deliver, and spend all our time continuously refining and refreshing them, to ensure you receive training that is current and relevant.
How do I book your courses?
Head to the relevant course page, find the intake that works best for you, and sign up online! Alternatively if you have any questions you can get in touch with our team via our contact page, and we can answer any queries you may have.
Do you offer refunds or changes of intake for your courses?
We do not offer refunds for our courses but we are always happy to discuss your circumstances and suggest other options such as credits or transfers if you need.
The Membership - How long do the training sessions run for?
Each session is between 1 and 1.5 hours long
The Membership - When will I recieve the topics for each session?
Once you have voted for your top 3 topics for the upcoming quarter, we collate the results. The membership community will then receive an email with the 3 sessions that have been decided upon, including a breakdown of what will be included in each session. The reason our content is curated in this way is so that we can create training sessions that address the challenges your team members are facing right now.
The Membership - What if some of my team can't attend the session?
Each session will be recorded and emailed to the community afterwards. These videos will have a 48 hour expiry, as we encourage where possible your team members to attend the live sessions so they can ask questions relevant to their desks and implement the learnings straight away.
The Membership - Is there a cap on the amount of attendees?
Nope! This is your membership, and you can add as many of your team members to the sessions as you wish!
The Membership - Can I share the link outside of my agency?
This is a membership just for your agency, and we take privacy really seriously. If we are notified of login attempts outside of the membership group then further investigation will take place and any participating members will have their subscription revoked.
The Membership - How do I ensure results from these session?
We highly recommend that you schedule a team catch up with your attendees after each session. The purpose of this catch up should be to review and discuss the session including the key takeaways, and then to set individual objectives and action plans for implementation. This way you can ensure the learnings are embedded into your business each month.
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