The Workshops

"Beauty is no quality in things themselves: It exists merely in the mind which contemplates them; and each mind perceives a different beauty"

- David Hume
The Workshops

One off workshops for our community, addressing challenges in the market in real time

If you are interested in elevating your recruitment process, but don’t have the time to commit to a full length course with us, this is a great place to start! Each workshop runs for 1 hour including a 15 min Q&A- ask us anything!

Who are these workshops for?

Recruiters at all levels – they have been specifically designed for junior recruiters up to senior leaders – there is something to learn for everyone.

What’s included?
  • Online 1 hour Zoom session with Ez and Lucy + 15 min Q&A
  • Post workshop coursework to implement the learnings
  • Useful templates and guides to support the implementation

$480 + GST per session

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Building A Sustainable Pipeline
Wednesday 29th May 2024 @ 11am AEST
Building A Sustainable Pipeline

Dive into the dynamics of establishing a reliable recruitment pipeline. This session is crafted for recruitment professionals eager to break the cycle of fluctuating performance and establish a steady flow of successful placements.

Workshop Highlights:

The Process-Driven Approach: Learn the importance of a structured approach to recruitment that ensures consistent activity and output, regardless of market changes.

Balancing Acts: We’ll teach you how to balance client acquisition, candidate sourcing, and process management to avoid the common highs and lows of recruitment cycles.

Creating a Reliable Pipeline: Get insights into building a robust pipeline that provides a constant stream of candidates and clients, ensuring regular monthly billings.

Strategy and Forecasting: Develop skills in strategic planning and forecasting to anticipate needs and manage resources effectively.

Tools and Techniques: Discover the latest tools and techniques to streamline your recruitment process and keep your pipeline flowing smoothly.


Who Should Attend?

This session is ideal for agency recruiters at any level who are looking to develop a more consistent and predictable billing pattern. It’s particularly beneficial for those who have experienced the ‘feast or famine’ cycle and are searching for strategies to stabilise their performance. By focusing on process and consistency, this workshop will guide you towards sustainable success in recruitment.

Standing Out From The Crowd
Wednesday 26th June 2024 @ 11am AEST
Standing Out From The Crowd

In a market saturated with competition, you can actually elevate small aspects of your recruitment process that make a genuine impact.

Workshop Highlights:

Marginal Gains: Understand the power of improving by just 1% across 10 different areas of your recruitment process and show you how these small enhancements can lead to significant cumulative gains!

Branding Excellence:How top plan out the next 3 months of content that  resonates with both clients and candidates, ensuring you’re not seen as just another recruiter but a memorable recruitment partner.

Advanced Client Services: Dive into strategies that showcase your deep understanding of your clients’ needs, positioning you as a consultant, not just a service provider.

Who Should Attend?

This workshop is tailored for recruiters who want to be seen as industry leaders. Whether you’re just starting out or are a seasoned professional, you’ll leave with innovative strategies to make you stand out.

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Developing recruiters of the future
Ez Khan
Ez Khan
Lucy Whale
Lucy Whale



Hume Scope are great, they offer and real valuable training that is up to date and practical in today's market. Ez and Laura are also natural teachers so their training is easy to understand and digest. Definitely worth doing a course through them.
Ryan Kelly
Creative Natives - Founder/Director
My team did the 'Retained' workshop, it's been phenomenal. My team have been so much more empowered with the right information, they know how to properly go to market. We've already had some great sucess
Erin Evans
Firesoft Group - Founder/Director
The time sending those messages and setting everything up is far less than what we've ever spent on different platforms to do our jobs. It's not only fun, but quick and easy too! We get incredible engagement from clients and candidates.
Priscila Crawford
Kona Recruitment - Partner
It has been extremely informative and most of all super useful. I find myself going over all the downloaded documents you send out to your students whenever I feel like a fish out of water for something or need some direction.
Jason Plaiche
Collar Group
The structure of the course, the downloadable material, the prep-work videos, the interactive sessions, and even down to the WhatsApp group, have been immensely invaluable for setting myself up for a prosperous, lucrative and well balance career in recruitment.
Keisha Hunter
Collar Group
I can confirm the training is worth every penny in explaining the theory to your newbie while they do the on the job learning we are all accustomed to.
John Bourke
Start in Recruitment - Managing Director
Ez and Laura are very wise and have the perfect approach and delivery to breaking down exactly what recruitment is all about. It is broken down and simplified so you can digest all the knowledge very easily.
Richard Fimmano
3D Commercial
I am very happy to highly recommend the Business Development course. It was totally invaluable. I think the biggest takeaway for me was around automation and automating a lot of what I'm doing.
Sinead Connolly
Lotus People - Founder/CEO

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