Billings, Reality or Excuses

Well this episode is absolute chaos. If you aren’t watching, you probably won’t have any idea what is going on. Laura is wrangling a child whilst simultaneously cooking an omelette and Ez is trying to calm the dogs from a raging thunderstorm. In the midst of all this, we discuss why its mindset over matter when it comes to weathering a softer market, and what to focus on when you all you are hearing is doom and gloom.
Hope you don’t feel seasick after this one!

Four engagement strategies every agency should be adopting

Over the past 18 months, we have gone from a stable market, to zero market, to one of the busiest markets that most Agency Recruiters have encountered! With focus shifting to candidate delivery and what appears to be shaping up as one of the most candidate short markets in recent history, we have finished this financial year in a very different place from where we started it. If this 180 turn has you in a spin, then this article is for you.

Here are our top Engagement Strategies for the Financial Year ahead.

Dealing with overwhelm

Overwhelm is the name of the game this week, and it’s over to Ez to break down how he manages the never ending to do list and the intensity of our industry. Ez is pretty special at supporting our whole team when things get tricky, and that is because of the huge amount of work he has done on himself. He’s got a pretty awesome morning suggestion to get those good vibes flowing too. Our countdown dance is also really shaping up.

Bouncing back from a bad business development call

How does it make you feel when someone proper snubs you at the beginning of a BD call. OUCH. How do you avoid it in the first place? If it happens, how do you get your mojo back and pick up the phone again? In this weeks eppy we talk about BD mindset and exploring those icky feelings when things don’t quite go your way. There are some pretty decent LOLs this week too if you need a little pick me up!

LinkedIn follow ups

And we are back bebe! Join us for our first recordings since Laura returns from mat leave. First up on the agenda is LinkedIn. If you are willy nilly connecting all over the place with your prospect network, and not doing anything productive with those connections, this little eppy is for you! We discuss how to get the most out of your LI Connections, creating warmth with your community and setting up a sales cycle that you would actually buy from yourself. We also introduce a little countdown throwback dance party- IYKYK

Managing a toxic top performer

In this week’s episode, we focus on a crucial topic for team leaders or those on the path to leadership: managing a toxic top performer. We delve into the challenges of handling high performers who negatively impact company culture and explore strategies to mitigate the risks while prioritising values and behaviours within your team.

How to do automation right

Dive into the crucial factors to consider when venturing into automation tools. From understanding their purpose to recognising their boundaries, we’ve got it covered. We’ll navigate the labyrinth of process mapping and the importance of keeping your data squeaky clean.

Unlock practical strategies for leveraging automation to upgrade your email marketing, scrub your data, and enhance your website analytics. Witness how automation can streamline your recruitment operations, boost efficiency, and refine client and candidate experiences.

For more insights and information, head to: Empower your processes with the right automation tools today!

For more information, visit:

Time Management For Recruiters

Calling all recruiters! Tired of time slipping through your fingers? Craving more hours in the day?

In this episode, we unwrap the magic box of planning – the secret weapon for time mastery! From micro-tasks to mega-goals, we’ll show you how to get your act together, sprinkle some organisational pixie dust, and conquer your day like a boss.

Got a love-hate relationship with project management? We’ll help you charm it into submission by dissecting tasks into bite-sized chunks and time blocking like a pro. And guess what? There’s even more – embrace the wizardry of automation tools to zip through your day.

Start your mornings with a dose of prioritisation, and keep the energy flowing with a side of reprioritisation.

Join us for a fun-filled, insight-packed ride as we explore ways to boost productivity, crush deadlines, and rocket to recruitment success. Ready to rumble?

Remember, time waits for no recruiter! 😉

Market Mapping VS Lead Generation

In the realm of recruitment, market mapping is the key to long-term success. It goes beyond lead generation by providing a deep understanding of your recruiting space and the opportunities within your market.

Market mapping allows you to design a strategic map that fuels your business development. Rather than focusing solely on immediate hires, you build relationships that position you as a trusted recruiter.

By investing time and effort upfront, you create sustainable growth and reap the rewards in the long run.

Join us as we share insights and actionable tips for mastering market mapping.

Mastering retained recruitment: insights from a four-year journey

In this week’s episode, Lucy dives into a conversation with Ez about his journey in retained search and the lessons he’s learned along the way.

Four years ago, Ez started his recruitment business with no retained experience, yet he boldly decided to build an agency that was 100% retained. Fast forward to today, and Ez’s business remains exclusively retained. So, how did he achieve this? What insights did he gain throughout the process?

Lucy explores the following questions with Ez:

What motivated you to focus exclusively on retained recruitment?
What are the key advantages of retained recruitment?
What do you believe are the most common misconceptions about retained recruitment?
Can you share a success story that highlights the power of retained recruitment?
Do you think retained recruitment will gain more traction in the industry?
What’s your top piece of advice for recruiters who are new to the concept of retained recruitment?
Tune in to uncover Ez’s thoughts on these topics and more!