Engaging Passive Candidates / Increasing Response Rates

This session aims to empower you with strategies to effectively engage passive candidates, with a special focus on using video approaches to enhance response rates.

Key Topics:

Understanding Passive Candidates: Insights into the mindset of passive candidates and what motivates them to consider new opportunities.

Personalised Outreach Strategies: Techniques for crafting personalised, compelling outreach messages that resonate with passive candidates.

Video Messaging Techniques: Step-by-step guidance on creating and using video messages to stand out and establish a more personal connection.

Social Media Engagement: Leveraging social media platforms to connect with and attract passive candidates.

Follow-Up Best Practices: Effective follow-up strategies to maintain candidate interest without being intrusive.

Measuring and Optimising Response Rates: Tools and methods to track response rates from passive candidates and optimise outreach strategies accordingly.

Engaging Passive Candidates / Increasing Response Rates Video

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