Incentivising Team Leaders for Optimal Performance

Join one of our 1 hour in-person interactive workshops for members!

Incentivising Team Leaders for Optimal Performance

Join one of our upcoming In-Person Workshops for our member Community!

Join our 1-hour in-person interactive workshop where we will cover:

Alignment with Business Goals:
How to ensure your team leader commission structure aligns with the overarching goals of your business. This includes goals related to the volume of placements, quality of hires, client satisfaction, and market expansion. Learn to design a structure that motivates team leaders to work towards these targets collectively.

Balancing Individual and Team Incentives:
While individual incentives drive personal performance, emphasising team incentives fosters cooperation and resource sharing. Discover how to include bonuses based on team performance metrics, alongside individual commissions.

Scalability and Flexibility:
Ensure your commission structure is scalable and adaptable to changes within your team and the broader industry. Learn how to adjust the structure as your team grows or market conditions shift, and accommodate seasonal fluctuations in recruitment needs.

You’ll walk away with practical strategies to revise your team leader commission structure, ensuring it promotes both individual excellence and team success.

Who Should Attend:

Agency owners who are looking to revise their team leader commission structure to better incentivize and support their teams.

Date: Tues 13th August at 11am
Duration: 1.0 Hour
Location: The Commons, QV, 3 Albert Coates Ln, Melbourne VIC 3000

Join Melbourne Session – Tues 13th August @ 11 am

Date: Weds 21st August at 9am
Duration: 1.0 Hours
Location: The Commons, 388 George St, Sydney NSW 2000

Join Sydney Session – Weds 21st August @ 9 am


Remote Attendance: 

If you are outside of Melbourne or Sydney and would like to attend one of these workshops remotely, please email Lucy ( stating which date suits best and we will then send through a calendar invite with a zoom link to join one of the live sessions.