Advice for Aspiring Recruitment Agency Owners

In this week’s episode, “Advice for Aspiring Recruitment Agency Owners,” Lucy and Ez discuss their personal experiences of starting recruitment agencies. Shout out to our fellow solo operators or aspiring solo operators—this one’s for you!

Lucy asks Ez about his biggest lessons and unexpected challenges as a solo operator, including a cheeky little humble brag đŸ˜‰. They share what they wish they had known before starting, the challenges they faced, and the lessons they learned along the way.

You’ll hear candid stories about what tripped them up, plenty of laughs, and what to expect in your first year. They talk about where your time is best spent and the reality of solo operations—it’s not all sunshine and rainbows, but get it right, and it can transform your life!

Whether you’re just starting out or thinking about taking the leap, this episode is packed with practical advice and a healthy dose of humour —don’t miss it!


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