Mastering retained recruitment: insights from a four-year journey

In this week’s episode, Lucy dives into a conversation with Ez about his journey in retained search and the lessons he’s learned along the way.

Four years ago, Ez started his recruitment business with no retained experience, yet he boldly decided to build an agency that was 100% retained. Fast forward to today, and Ez’s business remains exclusively retained. So, how did he achieve this? What insights did he gain throughout the process?

Lucy explores the following questions with Ez:

What motivated you to focus exclusively on retained recruitment?
What are the key advantages of retained recruitment?
What do you believe are the most common misconceptions about retained recruitment?
Can you share a success story that highlights the power of retained recruitment?
Do you think retained recruitment will gain more traction in the industry?
What’s your top piece of advice for recruiters who are new to the concept of retained recruitment?
Tune in to uncover Ez’s thoughts on these topics and more!

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