Transforming value adds to real $$ – From useless to useful!

Everyone seems to be releasing salary guides these days, but are they truly making a difference? More often than not, these guides are launched without any strategic intent, leading to extra work for your team without delivering meaningful results.

At Hume, we believe there needs to be a clear strategy behind these tools to give your team purpose-driven and target-marketed business development. In this episode, we’ll uncover why some people think salary guides are overrated, why others don’t understand their purpose, and most importantly, how you can turn these guides into powerful assets with the right strategy.

We’ll explore the common pitfalls agencies fall into when distributing salary guides, and how to avoid them. We’ll also discuss real-world examples and best practices on leveraging salary guides to enhance your business development efforts, align your team’s goals, and provide genuine value to your clients.



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