Values – Fluff or Essential?

We’re back!!! Lucy & Ez broadcasting straight from the Hume Scope secret lair—a cozy cabin hidden deep in the forest where they’re on a 2 day planning retreat for 2024!

This week they chat through “values”. Are they seen as essential or fluff in rec agencies? In our experience, the majority of Consultants see them as fluffy words on a wall that they don’t align with…..

So how do you actually get to the core of what your values are as a business and how can you then motivate your team based off this and get top notch retention as a result? Firstly it’s about uncovering individual values within your team. This can be super daunting if you’ve never had chats like this before so we are here to help!!

Ps Watch as Lucy asks for a bonus in real time. Watch our BD superstar go!!! Ballsy….



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